Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Friends of the Everett Museum – 
Join us in spreading the word, putting us on the map, and ensuring the future of our museum and its vast collection.   EMOH is a secret !  Let’s change that.
We have a golden opportunity to do all of the above every Friday afternoon at the Everett Mall through September 26th.   A tent has been loaned, we have lightweight folding tables, and tote tubs full of wonderful books by local writers about our rich Everett past.   Also a
Selection of wine glasses, mugs, and wonderful historic Everett image postcards.
To make this work, we really need your help.   Six Friday afternoons are
still ahead of us.   Please study your calendar and choose those table shifts which best 
Meet your needs and your calendar. 
Dates :
August 22 and 29September 5, 12, 19, and 26th.  
Everett Mall Farmers Market runs  3 – 7 PM.   We meet at 2pm to set up,
And we are gone by 7:30pm.  Two hour shifts are welcome, or full shifts from 3-7pm.
Two or three volunteers are necessary each shift.  Others with less time are welcome
To assist setup  at 2pm, and tear down at 7pm.
Everett Mall , near Sears and Famous Dave’s Barbecue.
Parking close by.    Choose the date that suits you best, then contact
Volunteer Coordinator Kim David with your commitment. 
Here’s her email address:
With much gratitude,
Everett Museum of History Volunteer Team


An Old Friend

Does anyone remember climbing on this cannon at Clark Park? Sadly this poor fellow has been put out to pasture and time has not been kind. There was a time when many small towns in the US had cannon to commemorate the fight and sacrifice of others for this country. Unfortunately the idea of children playing on weapons was too much for some to swallow and many were taken away. Agree or disagree, it certainly is nice to see this friend again.

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Best In Show

For most of us today, we think of horses as beautiful creatures, who graze on farms or act as pets for the privileged. But there was a time when they were our co-workers, sharing the daily loads. And like people, some were better at their jobs than others. Here is a look at a trophy acknowledging a top-notched work term, an employee of the month so to speak.

EMOH 06 03 14  (3) EMOH 06 03 14  (5)EMOH 06 03 14  (2)



Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are…..for the Mukiteo Historical Society

Louisa Fowler’s Seashell Art Returns to Mukilteo

A large and artistic picture frame, created in Mukilteo more than a century ago, is coming home.  It will be welcomed at the Lighthouse in a ceremony at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 7. The frame was made by Louisa Fowler, daughter of Mukilteo co-founder Jacob Fowler and his wife, Mary Warren Fowler,  daughter of an important Indian leader who signed the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855. “First Daughter” Louisa decorated the solid wood frame with shells and colored rocks collected long ago from the beaches of Puget Sound.

This relic of Mukilteo’s past is currently in storage in the Everett Museum of History.  Neil Anderson, whose parents attended Rosehill School, has been instrumental in arranging for the loan of Louisa Fowler’s artwork to the Mukilteo Historical Society.  Neil, who has written several articles for the MHS Newsline, volunteers with the Everett Museum of History. He was able to locate this object from Mukilteo’s past after being shown an article describing it in The Seattle Sunday Times, February 23, 1964.

Louisa Fowler’s seashell artwork will be displayed in Quarters B in the exhibit, “Mukilteo: The Way We Were.”

Shell Frame by Louise Fowler Sinclair Snohomish County First Born Child_1


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