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Everett Stoveworks

We were so excited to be offered some amazing items from the historic Everett Stoveworks. While we are still in the process of accessioning the objects, we wanted to share with you. More to come!


6 comments on “Everett Stoveworks

  1. David Chrisman
    January 31, 2012

    As a museum organization, please remember to credit the photo source and photographer and/or any appropriate copyright for all web, blog, Facebook, or other digital postings or publications.
    Thanks for all your efforts and best wishes for the future!
    -David Chrisman
    Program Director
    Historic Everett

    • everettmuseum
      January 31, 2012

      Thank you, David, for your comments!
      Currently, we are only using images that are within the Everett Museum of History collection for postings. For instance, the images in this post are accessions 20031811 and 20031817. To make sure that everyone has access to these images, we should be providing the accession numbers, which will make it easier for anyone who will want to make a research request when we open in a permanent facility.

      • barry wiederspohn
        June 22, 2013

        thank-you so much for the article and pictures- I have just aquired a what I believe to be a 1921 “panama” edition stove, do you know if there are any pictures or date info to be had? thank-you

  2. Fred Lowe
    September 5, 2013

    we picked up a Everett Stove Works No. 17 pot belly stove for free at a yard sale last weekend. We dont know how old it is or if its rare. I’m thinking it might be rare, especially if its an old one, as i’ve never seen another stove that was made in Everett. Would the Everett Historical Museum be at all interested in having it?
    My mother wants to use it in the yard. I’d hate to see just rusting away out there if its something that should be preserved.
    There are some broken bits on it but it does have everything with it except the feet.

    • everettmuseum
      November 27, 2013

      Hello Fred, thank you for thinking of us for your donation. Our acquisition committee would be happy to consider your generous offer and will give a reply within the next few weeks. Thank you again!

  3. Ned McGreavgy
    February 16, 2015

    I am up here in Cordova AK at Orca Adventure Lodge. This used to be a cannery and New England Fisheries from New Bedford MA started it, I velieve.

    Anyway, there is a big industrial stove in the cook house, probably 10-12 feet long. The only identifying marks on it are 2-30-98, Washington Stove Works, Everett, WA. Obviously, there was no Feb 30, 1898, so if not a serial # or whatever, how might I identify this stove, its age, where it was manufactured . . . anything at all??

    Ned McGreavy

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