Board of Advocates

2013 Board of Advocates

Advocates do not attend regular meetings but rather make themselves available with their special skills and contacts in the community as the occasion arises.  The Advocate’s job is to support and encourage the mission of the Everett Museum of History by disseminating positive information within the community thereby expanding the contacts and resources for the benefit of the museum.  They may forward names of interested parties, ideas and suggestions, and news and information to be used to further the work of the museum.  In future, they may wish to serve on committees, the Board of Trustees, or in another volunteer capacity.  They may also come together as a group to paint a wall, decorate for a holiday, move a display, train as a docent or contribute other special skills.  They serve by allowing receipt of a list of volunteer opportunities from which they may or may not choose to respond at a specific time.  Advocates are very valuable to the organization and we cannot get our work done without them.

Shannon Affholter

Sandra Alder

Ann Anderst

Larry Baker

Wendy Becker

Dave Burke

Dennis Bolger

Brent Diamond

Paul Donovan

Debra Gomes

Tom Hagar

Jim Henshaw

Jerry & Pat Hillis

Deborah Hughes

Doug Kimball

Lois Briscoe-Kimball

Dave Kinney

Lynne Kinney

Barb Lamoureux

Linda Monize

Todd Morrow

Mark Nesse

Larry O’Donnell

Mark Olson

Bruce Overstreet

Lita Sheldon

Dave Ramstad

Margaret Riddle

Valerie Steel

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