Progress Report


Our diligent and hard-working volunteers continue to make huge strides towards creating a digital inventory of all of the objects in the Collection. This is an exciting and necessary step in progressing our museum toward our final goal of having a permanent home.


The Museum, established in 1954, has gone through several stages of development – and has had some tremendous set-backs. It is comprised of more than 40,000 artifacts – some large, some small. While the Museum has been located in several buildings, it has never had a permanent home that would allow it to be a destination museum. This is what we are striving to achieve – creating a permanent exhibition and storage facility accessible to the public.


The Museum will serve the greater City of Everett community through leadership and collaborations with local organizations and the operation of the Museum. We will strive to educate all demographics about their cultural heritage and enhance the lives of youth and adults by providing educational programming that appeal to everyone. The Museum will engage individuals who both have an interest in historical preservation, as well as those who are new to the idea and to entertain them with new and unusual programs and exhibitions. The organization will work to enhance and preserve the permanent collection, as well as evolve the idea of what a historical museum is to a community.

Please help us reach our goal by volunteering your time and/or resources. We need you to make us a success!

One Comment on “Progress Report

  1. The first photo is probably from the Stackpole/Bradbury family, perhaps the brothers of May Stackpole Bradley. Accession number 502 was donated by Mrs. Edrie B. Davis [1908-1997] on September 12, 1972 and included several items. Edrie was the daughter of May and Luther Bradbury. This donation was later broken down into the 1972….. number range, although the specific accession number listed for this photo is shown as for a different artifact in the records. May Stackpole [1874-1971] was the daughter of Charles Harper Stackpole [1835- ca 1900] and Anna Elizabeth Black [1840-1928]. May married Luther Ezekiel Bradbury [1866-1944] in Everett in 1897. May was born in the Monroe area in 1874. The Luther Bradbury family ended up living in Wenatchee, but Edrie, who was born in Rockford, Washington in about 1908 brought these items back to Snohomish County to donate them. May’s mother apparently moved to eastern Washington to live with her, dying in East Wenatchee at the age of 85.

    The second photograph is probably the Everett Flour Mill donated by Mrs. Ivan Miller on May 27 1968 if it was an enlargement. No evidence in the accession records for the names of the people in the photo. Accession number 418.

    I have no information on the last photograph – or is it an etching???

    The people who donated all the items in the collection had an expectation that they would be cared for and used to bring life into the story of our communities. These items were donated with love of the people who used them and a love of this place.

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