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‘Tis The Season for Getting to Know Your Local Businesses

With all of the unavoidable advertising of sales, specials and internet deals that can’t be beat, we have been thinking about all of the joys we miss when not venturing out to our local businesses. It is a way to meet our neighbors and personally spread holiday cheer. Sometimes something as small as a friendly conversation with someone new, can be the difference between a good and a bad day.

As Amazon works towards delivery drones, taking humans completely out of the picture, it is interesting to note that one our our first major retailers worked with the opposite business model. Starting as a catalog retail business, Montgomery Ward opened their first retail outlet in 1926. Just three years later, on December 5, 1929 their doors opened at 2818 Wetmore in Everett. For more information please see wikipedia.

Here are a few of your local business from days past.















2 comments on “‘Tis The Season for Getting to Know Your Local Businesses

  1. Nola
    December 4, 2013

    It would be nice if we could also have information about the pictures.

    • everettmuseum
      December 4, 2013

      Hello Nola, I wish I had more information to share at this time. So many of our photographs were donated without details. I will check in with our volunteers to see if we can track down more background.

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