School Project

My how things have changed. We came upon what we believe to be an image of a sewing class. It wasn’t too long ago that sewing lessons were standard courses in public schools, and in today’s world you would be hard-pressed to find a young person who has even seen a manual sewing machine.

What other classes have gone by the wayside? Any favorite memories?



One Comment on “School Project

  1. HOME ECONOMICS: We had half year of Sewing. We were graded on our darts, seams, and different types of stitching. ONLY after we had successfully mastered these and other types of skills, were we allowed to start making clothes. We bought patterns and chose material (mine usually came from Penney’s, and even Woolworths). I continued sewing after I got married, making clothes for myself & 3 kids–even my boys. The other half year was proper cooking, correct ways to set a table, how to prepare & serve food after Mrs. Woge taught us how to cook. Measuring ingredients EXACT and preciously the right amount, leveling off with a knife. If you were measuring shortening, you had to make sure it was packed down hard, with NO air holes. Then it was on to how to sit and eat it properly. My best cheery pie was one I made there.

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