Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are…..for the Mukiteo Historical Society

Louisa Fowler’s Seashell Art Returns to Mukilteo

A large and artistic picture frame, created in Mukilteo more than a century ago, is coming home.  It will be welcomed at the Lighthouse in a ceremony at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 7. The frame was made by Louisa Fowler, daughter of Mukilteo co-founder Jacob Fowler and his wife, Mary Warren Fowler,  daughter of an important Indian leader who signed the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855. “First Daughter” Louisa decorated the solid wood frame with shells and colored rocks collected long ago from the beaches of Puget Sound.

This relic of Mukilteo’s past is currently in storage in the Everett Museum of History.  Neil Anderson, whose parents attended Rosehill School, has been instrumental in arranging for the loan of Louisa Fowler’s artwork to the Mukilteo Historical Society.  Neil, who has written several articles for the MHS Newsline, volunteers with the Everett Museum of History. He was able to locate this object from Mukilteo’s past after being shown an article describing it in The Seattle Sunday Times, February 23, 1964.

Louisa Fowler’s seashell artwork will be displayed in Quarters B in the exhibit, “Mukilteo: The Way We Were.”

Shell Frame by Louise Fowler Sinclair Snohomish County First Born Child_1

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