Month: August 2014

Bottoms Up!

With the holiday weekend approaching, many of us are spending this week party planning. Here are a few treasures from the bar.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Friends of the Everett Museum –  Join us in spreading the word, putting us on the map, and ensuring the future of our museum and its vast collection.   EMOH is a secret !  Let’s change that. We have a golden opportunity to do all of the above every…

A Heated Cake Slicing Curling Iron?

It’s time to return  to the treasure hunt! Does anyone recognize this object? A cake slicer? A curling iron? A cake slicing curling iron?

An Old Friend

Does anyone remember climbing on this cannon at Clark Park? Sadly this poor fellow has been put out to pasture and time has not been kind. There was a time when many small towns in the US had cannon to commemorate the fight and sacrifice…