An Old Friend

Does anyone remember climbing on this cannon at Clark Park? Sadly this poor fellow has been put out to pasture and time has not been kind. There was a time when many small towns in the US had cannon to commemorate the fight and sacrifice of others for this country. Unfortunately the idea of children playing on weapons was too much for some to swallow and many were taken away. Agree or disagree, it certainly is nice to see this friend again.

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One Comment on “An Old Friend

  1. When my sister and I were small the first place we went when Mama took us to the park was the cannon, then the monkey bars. One year walking home from the 4TH of July parade we went through the park and naturally headed for the cannon, with Mama”s parting word’s ringing in my ears, “ladies don’t climb in skirts” Long story short, I tore my skirt from waist band to hem. Needless to say I caught thirty kinds of hell and a spanking for good measure. I’m considerably older now and can safely say I don’t think I have climbed in a skirt since.

    In a different vain fix the cannon and put it back. Looks like you have enough old farts there than can figure it out. This old hammer would love to have a picture of myself next to the cannon.

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