Collection Finds 2015 – Household Goods

With the assistance of our amazing volunteer team, who dedicate a day each week to the inventorying of the collection, we have made some truly amazing, as well as some mundane, discoveries amid our vast range of artifacts.

Some of our most recent finds have included a box full of Civil War military items including a 30′ x 50′ or so (since we don’t have the space to safely spread it out, this is a guess) American flag dating to 1863, a powder flask, and other items. Unfortunately, the flag is in pretty rough shape and in need of serious conservation work. We will add images once we have those.

We have also found household items some of you might be familiar with and may have used in the past.

EMOH2 Household-1 EMOH2 Household-2 EMOH2 Household-4 EMOH2 Household-5 EMOH2 Household-6 EMOH2 Household-7 EMOH2 Household-8 EMOH2 Household-9

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