North Bend Charlie

The museum staff has not found information on “North Bend Charlie” yet. If you know something, post it in the comments. Thank you!

Edited: According to page 7 in Jack’s History of Fall City compiled by Jack Kelley, local Fall City Historian, it gives information about the photo. Locally he lived in Fall City and according to history was a medicine man in his early years. The book includes a photo of a small building built for him by community members. He is referred to as “Indian Doc.” He died in 1909. Here is more information.

Not yet verifiedOur info calls him Indian Doc or Doc Hawich. He lived at the mouth of the Raging River in Fall City and supposedly was 130 when he died. He was a Snoqualmie Tribe member and a medicine man who was well respected by both American settlers and the Snoqualmie. We don’t have a lot on him but King County did supposedly build him a home and the story is that he tore out the wood floor and stove and built a fire in the center of the room as would have been traditional in the homes he had previously lived in. It is a Kinsey, the brothers learned photography just up the river and frequently visited their sister who continued the rest of her life in Snoqualmie.


Northbound Charlie, Kinsey photograph
North Bend Charlie, Kinsey photograph

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