Longfellow School Update

From Our Executive Director:

Just to update our supporters: unfortunately, we have no new news regarding our negotiations to purchase the Longfellow School. 

Due to an emergency, the discussion regarding our letter of interest was bumped from the school district’s agenda last meeting.  We have been rescheduled for May 23rd, so we should know something after that.  Please continue to show support for us and encourage the School Board to consider our offer by email, snail mail, and phone calls.

Our offer will benefit not only the Museum but the community and the School District by creating a permanent home for the museum, allowing the District to earn $2,000,000.00  and save another $1,000,000.00 for the tear down, promote good community relationships, save an historical building, and provide a beautiful museum for children, local citizens, and  visitors to Everett. 

Benefits for all!

I’ll keep you posted.  

Barb George

Executive Director, Everett Museum of History


Image from Historic Everett

One Comment on “Longfellow School Update

  1. I hope the purchase is s go. I went to kindergarten there in 1965 and my mother worked there for many years as a fiscal secretary. Such a historical site and a great loss to Everett if demolished. I support the museum proposal and hope it moves forward.

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