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emoh@home – Food & Drink

Peanut Butter Cookies by Melissa Slager, Guest Contributor Peanut butter cookies are made of peanut butter. But what are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything… “Hee, hee,” giggled Little Sister. “I burped on it.” Right. OK, so the old rhyme may… Continue Reading “emoh@home – Food & Drink”

emoh@home – Food & Drink

Green Olive and Bacon Sandwich by Chase Dermott, Education & Public Programs Manager This looks… interesting. Browsing “Pull Together” for our first ever EMOH@HOME post gave us more than just stuffed tomatoes.  I’ll be honest, when I saw the title of the recipe I… Continue Reading “emoh@home – Food & Drink”

emoh@home – Food & Drink

Minted Grapefruit-Juice Cocktail by Chase Dermott, Education & Public Programs Manager If you’re anything like me, this summer heat has you asking yourself how hungry you really are. Is it worth firing up the oven? Could we just eat sandwiches? The idea of spending… Continue Reading “emoh@home – Food & Drink”

emoh@home – Food & Drink

Buckeye Caramel Cake by Chase Dermott, Education & Public Programs Manager After the savory baked tomatoes we started with, our series was begging for a dessert! I returned to my muse, Pull Together: A Gift from the Merchants of Everett to the Newlyweds to… Continue Reading “emoh@home – Food & Drink”

emoh@home – Food & Drink

Baked Tomatoes and Green Olives by Chase Dermott, Education & Public Programs Manager If you take a walk through the archives of the Everett Museum of History, you’ll find thousands of artifacts that grab your attention and teach you something about Everett’s dynamic history.… Continue Reading “emoh@home – Food & Drink”

Come see us tomorrow!

Come join the EMOH team down at Everett Station tomorrow for an amazing city-wide birthday party and participate in our scavenger hunt! Drop by on your way in and pick up a form and head out to find the answers! Complete it and be… Continue Reading “Come see us tomorrow!”

Happy 125th Birthday, Everett!

We’re only three weeks away from joining the city to celebrate Everett’s 125th Birthday! The Everett Museum of History will be at Everett Station on June 2nd from 10am-1pm with a fun, interactive Scavenger Hunt for all ages. Grab your form on the way in, find the… Continue Reading “Happy 125th Birthday, Everett!”

Happy New Year!!

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support throughout the years and as we look forward to a bright and successful future for the museum in our future home.

Big News!! We Have a New Home!!

For everyone who has not seen Julie Muhlstein’s Everett Herald article this morning, please link here for the full article and celebrate with us the purchase of our new home in the heart of Everett’s cultural district!  

EPLS Fundraiser by Local Author Aileen M. Langhans

  Press Release. 28th July 2017. Aileen M. Langhans: Random Facts from the Founding Days of Everett, Washington by Aileen M. Langhans, long-time resident of the Historic Bayside Neighborhood, is a collection of historical facts from the early days.  It is a glimpse into Everett’s past… Continue Reading “EPLS Fundraiser by Local Author Aileen M. Langhans”