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Everett Oral Histories

If you’re interested in Everett history from a first-person POV you should definitely check out Everett Public Library podcasts. What an amazing resource with great stories!

Everett Stoveworks

We were so excited to be offered some amazing items from the historic Everett Stoveworks. While we are still in the process of accessioning the objects, we wanted to share with you. More to come!  

The Black Prince

The Museum has many treasures in its collection – one of the largest and most impressive is the captain’s wheel from the steamboat the Black Prince. Dating from 1901, the 8-foot radius wheel graced the all black boat named after a dream of Captain… Continue Reading “The Black Prince”

Join Us for Our 2011 Annual Meeting This Sunday!

Bloody Sunday: The Everett Massacre

Once proudly called the “City of Smokestacks,” 19th- and early 20th-century Everett was a blue-collar, union, mill town with two dozen saw mills and shingle mills. But most worker faced long hours and extremely dangerous working conditions. Accidents are so common that frequently a… Continue Reading “Bloody Sunday: The Everett Massacre”