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emoh@home – Food & Drink

Minted Grapefruit-Juice Cocktail by Chase Dermott, Education & Public Programs Manager If you’re anything like me, this summer heat has you asking yourself how hungry you really are. Is it worth firing up the oven? Could we just eat sandwiches? The idea of spending…

emoh@home – Food & Drink

Buckeye Caramel Cake by Chase Dermott, Education & Public Programs Manager After the savory baked tomatoes we started with, our series was begging for a dessert! I returned to my muse, Pull Together: A Gift from the Merchants of Everett to the Newlyweds to…

emoh@home – Food & Drink

Baked Tomatoes and Green Olives by Chase Dermott, Education & Public Programs Manager If you take a walk through the archives of the Everett Museum of History, you’ll find thousands of artifacts that grab your attention and teach you something about Everett’s dynamic history….

Artifact of the Week

Walpi Polychrome pottery bowl, unsigned, Hopi clay, slip, natural paints ca. 1920, North America Rich in iron, Hopi clay pottery can fire from cream to light red in color. Early nineteenth century pottery used a white slip casting underneath the painted decoration, which is…

Glass negatives 4 — group photos

From the box of glass negatives dating from about 1894-1920, here is a batch of group photos. They were quite popular! The glass negatives are 4″x5″ and from Snohomish County.

Glass negatives 3 — homes and yards

The Everett Museum of History “monuments men and women” unveiled more images from a box of glass negatives we found in the museum collection. The collection is estimated to be 1894-1920. Please leave a comment below if you know anything about these photos.  

Glass negatives 1

We found some interesting glass negatives in one of the boxes, and converted them for you to see. The box is labeled for Snohomish County, 1894-1908. So we don’t knew exactly when these were taken, but it’s probably near the turn of the 20th…

June 11th – September 1st: Through the Lens: The Story of Everett’s First Fifty Years in Photographs Exhibition

Through the Lens: The Story of Everett’s First Fifty Years in Photographs Everett Museum of History in partnership with the Schack Art Center June 11th – September 1st, 2015 Grand Opening June 18th, 2015, 5:00-8:00 pm Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Avenue, Everett, Washington…